Pictures of Virginian Hotel & Bone Cabin at Medicine Bow WY. Aug. 2000

I took these pictures of the Bone Cabin and the Virginian Hotel near Medicine Bow Wyoming in August 2000.

The oldest building in America is located Six miles east of Medicine Bow Wyoming. Medicine Bow was made famous by Owen Wister's novel, The Virginian (1902). Riply's calls Bone Cabin "the oldest building in America" because it is built entirely out of fossilized dinosaur bones. The bones were dug from the Como Bluffs anticline just north of the cabin. Como Bluffs is the location of a now legendary dinosaur fossil site. (And, a notorious paleontological feud between Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope during the 1870's.)

The Virginian Hotel was built in Medicine Bow Wyoming between 1901 and 1911 by August Grimm and George Plummer. It is named after Owen Wister's book The Virginian. It was designated a National Historic Place in 1978.

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