Beartooth scenic highway (US 212)

Charles Kuralt once called The Beartooth scenic highway (US 212) The most scenic road in America. The Beartooth scenic highway crosses Beartooth pass on US 212 between Red Lodge Montana and Cooke City Montana. A few miles east of Cooke City, The Chief Joseph scenic highway (Wyoming 296) descends the south side of the Beartooth mountains, through Sunlight basin, where it joins Wyoming 120 near Heart mountain north of Cody Wyoming.
September 2, 2000.


Nick said...

The countryside reminds me of the film "Brokeback Mountain". Have you seen that film?

---Feathers said...

Yes, it does look a lot like Brokeback Mountain. While Brokeback Mountain's story is set in northern Wyoming, most of it was filmed in Alberta Canada with a couple of scenes in Grand Teton park (Wyo.) and New Mexico. The mountain range is all the Rock Mountains which run from New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Alberta and British Columbia.

Brokeback was one of the very few films I actually went to a movie theater to see. I've seen it 2 or 3 times; I have it on DVD.