My First Ride (updated)

I Re-edited the original video and cut the time down to just under 5 minutes; I also added narration.

I left work a little early Friday afternoon. I went and bought a camera that sticks onto the side of my helmet. It didn't come with any memory and it needed to be charged up. I was waiting for rush hour traffic to clear out to go buy some memory for it. While I was waiting, it clouded up and lightning started flashing then it really pored on the rain. We got 1.7 inches of rain in just under an hour! I don't think I've ever seen rain come down that hard before.

Saturday I took my first real ride on the new motorcycle. I road west on 6th Avenue to Golden then took Colorado Highway 46 (Golden Gate Canyon Road) into the mountains to Colorado Highway 119. I turned north on C119 and turned east onto C72 and followed it down to C93. Colorado Highway 93 took me back south to US Highway 6 (6th Avenue). This loop circles Colorado Golden Gate State Park but I did not go into the park.

The entire circuit is a little challenging for the inexperienced. The road is narrow, there are fallen rocks, lots of tight curves and blind curves, bicyclists, and on-coming traffic. This route was almost at my maximum skill level - there was no room for error. I even scraped my pegs on the pavement going around a couple of the turns. Experienced riders can tell from the video that I am not looking far enough ahead and I am not planning or entering the turns well.

I made some other mistakes too. After I mounted the camera on my helmet, the camera was aimed too low so I had to adjust where the camera was aimed; I had to take my helmet off to do that. When I put my helmet back on I forgot to fasten the chin strap. I didn't realize my strap wasn't fastened until I was roaring down US6 at 70MPH! I also discovered that the fanny pack I was using to hold all my essential paraphernalia (wallet, cell phone, keys, garage door opener, etc.) was constricting my movements. I pulled over to the side of the road when I turned onto Golden Gate Canyon Road and stowed my fanny pack in my back pack, where I had stowed a rain coat and a couple of bottles of water, and fastened my chin strap.

Another mistake was to pull onto C119 with my face shield up and a wasp flew into my helmet and stung my nose! Stupid mistakes like these add up and can lead to an accident or at least an unpleasant ride.

I turned on my helmet camera when I started up Golden Gate Canyon Road (C46) and turned it off when I reached C119. It recorded 32 minutes of video. I edited the video down to about 8 minutes. For some reason, it's going to take over 4 hours to render 8 minutes of video! Somethings not right. The camera also records audio but once the bike is moving all you can hear is wind noise (that's all I could hear too,) but the video looks pretty good (if it ever finishes rendering.)

I left the apartment at 12:20PM and got back to the apartment at 3:10PM. I stopped and drank a bottle of water at the junction of C46 and C119. I also stopped at a 7-Eleven in Golden for a bottle of pop on the way back. Round trip was 88 miles. I enjoyed my first day trip and I think I learned from it. I may have even grown my skill level a little. Lessons learned: be ready to ride, have the right gear, ride within your limits, fasten your chin strap, and close your face shield. Also see: Does humidity affect judgment? I am so embarrassed My First Ride I buy a motorcycle and it starts raining! (updated) Basic Motorcycle Rider Course


Unknown said...

"and close your face shield"

You eat a bug or two?

legacyguy said...

Well done video! Motorcycle trips do require a lot more aforethought than the car trips I'm used to.