I buy a motorcycle and it starts raining!

I use to ride motorcycles in the 70's but haven't ridden since 1980. Two weeks ago I completed a basic rider skills class and now have a motorcycle endorsement on my drivers license.

I took time off from work this morning to buy a Suzuki Boulevard C50 Cruiser. After I got the bike, and insurance, I went back to work; I probably road it 30 Minutes.

Then it started raining! It's still raining! I can't remember the last time it rained. This has been the driest year on record since the dust bowl era of the 1930's. I buy a motorcycle and it starts raining!

I stayed late at work and kept an eye on the local radar. When I saw a clear spot on the radar between Two of the red blobs, I road home - in the rain - without rain gear. I got soaked. At least I had my helmet on so my hair didn't get wet.

I was going to take pictures this evening, maybe even shoot some video, but that will have to wait. Hopefully tomorrow night.

I look forward to taking a ride up in the mountains on a warm lazy fall afternoon

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