Gravity and wind

I took the motorcycle out on the highway a couple of weeks ago and opened it up. I really took a lot of wind buffeting so I ordered a windscreen for it. I installed it today. It looks good and cuts down the wind buffeting a lot and the glove bag is really nice to have.

2008 Suzuki Boulevard C50 (VL800) with National Cycle Switch Blade 2-up windscreen,
Baron Custom Accessories Chrome Engine Guard, Fatboy Saddlebags, and me.

I took the ABATE Experienced Rider Class Saturday afternoon. I got some good practice in and learned a couple of things. I dumped the bike once during the U-turn exercise - odd thing was I had gone through the U-turn box (on both sides) twice before I dumped it on the third time; I think I may have looked down at the ground (never look down at the ground.) I also learned It helps to lean forward a little when going through tight turns. On a cruiser, leaning forward moves the center of gravity forward causing the suspension to raise a little and that makes the turn easier to take.

Even though "Motorman" said his "Ride Like A Pro V" course isn't the same as the ABATE course, I still went to the ABATE course expecting it to be like the Ride Like A Pro course - it defiantly is not. The ABATE course puts you through many of the same drills that are in the Foundations class but you're on your own bike, the pace is a lot faster, and there is less classroom time.

The bike and I got a couple of bruises yesterday but we still got a good workout.

I passed! I passed!

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