Motorcycle ride to Saratoga Wyoming

I and Two other guys rode our motorcycles from Denver Colorado to Saratoga Wyoming on Saturday. We met-up with a fourth guy just north of Fort Collins; he drove a car. We couldn't have asked for better weather. The sun was shining and the temperature was just right - not too warm and not too cool.

We started our trip by taking the Interstate Highway north from Denver then turned off at Fort Collins. We met-up with the fourth guy north of Fort Collins at a place called "Ted's Place" on US287. The Four of us continued north on US287 to Laramie Wyoming. We stopped in Laramie to get gas and eat lunch. We did a little local sight-seeing after lunch.

After lunch we took a side trip east on I-80 to the Lincoln Head Monument. Interstate 80 is called the Lincoln Highway named in honor of Abraham Lincoln. A few miles east of Laramie WY on Interstate 80 is the Lincoln Head Monument commemorating the highway.

After pictures at the Lincoln Head we continued east on I80, then a side road, to an almost forgotten monument called the Ames Pyramid where we took more pictures before heading back to Laramie.

We got back off the Interstate at Laramie and took Highway 130 west through the Medicine Bow National Forest. We stopped at Medicine Bow Peak and took some pictures.

The drive was wonderful. Many of the Aspens had turned bright yellow. There was a mixture of green, yellow and rust (the rust was mostly from the dead pine killed by pine beetle.) The road was fairly easy; no cliffs and only a couple of tight S-curves. We checked into the Sage And Sand Motel (now there is some nostalgia) in Saratoga WY, unpacked, and discussed what to do next.

We decided to all pile into the car and go searching for Aspen Alley. Aspen Alley, as the locals call it, was a full 42 miles south but it was a beautiful drive and Aspen Alley was worth the trip even though these Aspen had not turned yet.

On the way back to Saratoga we circled through the town of Encampment to look at some of the old buildings there.

After supper we went to the Mineral Hot Springs 2 blocks from the Motel.

What a difference a day makes. When we started our trip we knew we had a good chance of getting wet on the way back, sure enough, we ran into rain just after leaving Saratoga. We rode in rain all the way back through the Medicine Bow National Forest and we had to reduce our speed considerably. We got past the rain as we left the National Forest on the east side but had strong winds until we reached Fort Collins. Back on the Interstate Highway at Fort Collins it was a fast run back to Denver.

Round trip mileage was 455 miles.

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