Good night sweetheart. Well, It's time to go.

It appears, for me at least, riding season is over. Sunday evening turned cold and wet, and the rest of the week looks like crap too. Some of the guys will ride their bikes in the snow but I'm a fair weather rider - I don't like the cold and wet. It was raining hard when I came home from work, so tonight I popped the wind screen and saddle bags off the motorcycle and wiggled it into its cubby hole in front of the car. I can always get it out again if we get a nice warm dry stretch of weather.

Sunday was the clubs big outing to ride on the Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad. Six of us went. I chose to "cage it" - I didn't ride the motorcycle. I and another guy shared a car to Leadville and back. Both of us had been watching the weather forecast and knew it was going to be too cold for us, and it was, otherwise it was an enjoyable day. We left Denver at 10:00 AM and got back at 6:30 PM.

I also shot a little bit of High Def video. I think I have enough to edit together a 1 or 2 minute video later this week.

I got a regular flu shot last week. I don't qualify for the special vaccine when it comes out.

Last week I watched all six episodes of the new Ken Burns series about the National Parks. I learned a lot from watching it but then I promptly forgot what I learned. Good thing there wasn't a test! Last night I watched Inspector Lewis (I am developing a crush on Laurence Fox).

Also see RMMC of Colorado

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