Snapshots and Whatnots

I spent a couple of evening learning how to use DVD Pro then put together a playable DVD of Ron's Karaoke party. The DVD has a main menu with some annoying music that loops over and over until you select the "Play Movie" button; it also has a chapter index and a slideshow.

Denver had a few days of fair weather so I got the motorcycle out and rode it work several days last week. I decided to put the saddle bags back on yesterday even though the locks and latches don't work; I think I'll take the latches off and try securing the lids with velcro. I went for a ride Saturday afternoon; I went north on Quebec and circled around the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge then did a loop around Cheesman Park - there were a lot of people in the park.

I went for a walk this morning and decided to take my camera with me. I didn't see a single bird but could hear Flickers calling all around me. I still took a few snapshots of things that caught my eye along the way.

alleyI did a double take when I walked past this alley. I said to myself "That's strangely appealing" and snapped a few pictures.

Besides the obvious - there aren't cars and trucks parked in it, no dumpsters rolled out into it, and it isn't cluttered with litter - I think its the parallel lines of the downward slopping alley, the vertical lines of the polls and buildings, and the coloring of the lavender bins dotting both sides that caught my attention.

LimesI was looking around for something to take a picture of when this caught my attention from across the street.

I first noticed the color, then the rectangular shapes of the panels, then the arrow, and then the sign. I didn't notice the bench or the urn until I drew closer. I didn't become aware of the door until I looked through the view finder. This picture has been cropped just a little on the left and right.

moonI've tried taking pictures of the moon several times with little success. My last attempt was in December; I put the camera with the big telephoto lens onto a tripod and took several shots; I thought I deleted them but this morning I discovered they were still on the camera. Of the 6 shots I took I think this one is worth keeping.

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