Ride to Deer Creek Canyon Park

This weekend was Memorial Day weekend so we had a 3 day weekend.

Saturday I and a couple of others rode around and visited several of the motorcycle dealerships in the city. I looked at motorcycles while they talked to the dealer about sponsoring the Cruise Against AIDS motorcycle run event in July.

From Deer Creek Canyon Park

At one dealer I was able to test ride a Harley Soft Tail Deluxe. It was the first time I'd ridden on a Harley. It had more than twice the horse power and torque than my Suzuki. Its shifting was much easier and smoother than mine too but it didn't fit me very well; my legs felt cramped and I didn't like the seat.

All I did Sunday was watch Television.

From Deer Creek Canyon Park

Monday I rode the motorcycle to Deer Creek Canyon Open Space park south west of Denver. I didn't do too much hiking because I forgot to bring a hat and only had my riding boots. I still snapped a few pictures. I continued west on Deer Creek Canyon road after leaving the park. It's a fun twisty road, a little narrow, but in good condition.

From Deer Creek Canyon Park

I left the apartment at 1:15 and got back at 4:30. Round trip was 64 miles.

Tomorrow is another work day.

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