How I wound up at the D-Note

Last Friday we had some really big storms build up over the mountains that moved east over the planes; they dropped heavy rain and hail from about 3:30 PM until about 11:00 PM, and several tornados were sighted. It rained most of Saturday and Sunday too. It was wet enough Sunday morning that I and my motocycle buddies decided not to go on the Molly-Dharma benefit run. The bad weather had cleared out by Monday morning, but the weekend was ruined.

Four of us got together and went for ride Wednesday evening. Camron, Cathi, Todd and myself rode up Bear Creek Canyon Road (C74) to Evergreen then over to Conifer. From Conifer it was a short hop on 285 to South Turkey Creek road and Tiny Town. Back in Denver we took Wadsworth Blvd all the way to Arvada to have dinner at "Gunther Toody's" but they had just closed when we arrived. We ended up eating at an interesting place called the "D-Note" in old town Arvada.

I didn't enjoy the ride up Bear Creek because the sun was low over the mountains and shining in my eyes, and it cast long shadows that I couldn't see into. Those dark shadows were hiding twisty mountain roads! It made for a difficult ride.

We are all looking forward to riding our motorcycles at the head of the Denver Gay Pride Parade Sunday morning. I'm going to try and mount one of the Go Pro cameras on the Road King; I probably won't wear a helmet in the parade so won't use the helmet camera.

Todd, Cathi, Camron.

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