I bought a Harley!

I went shopping Harley's today. I already knew what I wanted but it was a good thing I had a friend come with me. The first dealership we visited had a Flame Blue Peal Road King fully equipped with ABS, cruise control, heated grips, security system and detachable sissy bar/luggage rack. Of course my response was "I'll take that one. Who do I make the check out to?" Fortunately my friend insisted on, not only getting a quote in writing, but also visiting another dealership.

The truth is I don't really need ABS or the heated grips and they weren't going to give me the full book value for my Suzuki so I reluctantly went with my friend to another dealership.

I worked with Dave at Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson Motor Company in Littleton Colorado. He had several different Road Kings on the floor. I picked out a two tone Flame Blue Pearl/Brilliant Silver Pearl with cruise control but without the ABS, heated grips, security system and detachable sissy bar/luggage rack; I then added the detachable sissy bar (without luggage rack). When we inked the deal, not only was the retail price less than the other dealer, but Rocky Mountain gave me full book value for the Suzuki and they installed the mounting hardware for the sissy bar for free.

The Road King is air-cooled, 1584cc with 92.6 foot pounds of Torque (@ 3500rpm) - more than double of the Suzuki I traded. It holds six gallons of gas and weights in at 812 lbs. The bags are much larger than the bags I put on the Suzuki and these actually lock. The bike comes stock with passing lights, engine guard, 2-up seat, lockable removable hard bags and chrome bag protectors (that's the chrome peace infront of the bags). Everything else is extra.

The key is used to lock and unlock the ignition but once the ignition is unlocked the key can be removed. That's what the "security system" is about - the security system adds an electronic key fob that disables the ignition if the key fob is more than 3 feet away from the bike; I'll have that added after I've paid for the license plate and all the checks have cleared.

I'm ready to ride! Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow.

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legacyguy said...

Wow, Clyde! When you decide to move on something, you don't fool around. Congratulations on the new Hog and the spirit bell gift (or whatever the proper name is). I feel better knowing that evil spirits will not be able to arise from the macadam, crawl up your leather-clad pant leg, and latch onto whatever appendage first comes into contact with their wicked, drooling lips. Your bike is mighty handsome but I can see why that guy in the bar in Greeley thought you might be a cop. (He must have seen you dismount.)

See ya Saturday.