Again, which right am I suppose to turn left at?

The motorcycle club held the 25th annual Cruise Against AIDS run Sunday. This was the second year I attended. The weather was great this year; it was cold and rainy last year. There were a few more riders this year, I counted 18, which is better than last years eight. I've been told there have been as many as 60 riders in past years. I was a member of the planning committee this year but it came as quite a surprise when I was told I was going to be a Road Captain.

I’ve never Road Captained before so I wasn’t sure I could handle the job. Four of us had scouted the route a month earlier and I was tasked with making a map and writing the directions, so I knew the route. I’ve ridden number 2 behind Trail Boss for the past year and I had an occasion to ride with a different group a couple of times last year - not all Road Captains are the same. As Road Captains go, I don’t think I was terrible but I wasn’t great either.

The riders were divided into 3 groups. I led the second group comprised of myself and 6 other bikes. Trail Boss led the first group out, then I led my group out, and the third group followed us. Everything went well for the first 2 turns then I missed the third turn at 8th Avenue. I like to think my mental autopilot had taken over and was guiding me home, but more likely I simply wasn’t paying attention. I realized my mistake when we reached 6th. I had to do some quick thinking and take the left lane so we could loop back around to 8th.

Once I got us back on track everything went well until we got to Morrison. The stop light was red and there was a pedestrian waiting to cross. I started to go after the pedestrian had crossed but the light was still red! Fortunately everyone else saw the red light.

The rest of the ride seemed to go well. I didn’t go over the speed limit; I was under the speed limit much of time. I still found myself having to slow down, then slow down even more. I’ve heard this same lament from other Road Captains at other runs, so it must be normal.

I could have done better my first time being Road Captain but I did well enough. I don’t think I want to Road Captain on a regular basis.

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