Clyde goes camping

I went camping last weekend. It was a whole new experience for me. Camping isn't something I would consider doing myself, I'm not the rugged outdoors type, but I wanted to hang out with the guys, go where the guys went and do what the guys did, so camping I went.

I bought a 2-man quarter dome tent, a self inflating mattress, a +40 degree down filled sleeping bag, and an LED lantern. I didn't need to consider food, cooking utensils or latrine gear. I also took clothes, rain gear and my camera. I might have been able to pack everything onto the bike but a friend offered to haul my gear in his truck.

I and five other guys rode our motorcycles to the camp site. We went over Berthoud pass, stopped in Winter Park for a few minutes, then rode on to Walden where we ate at the Moose Creek Cafe. From there it was another 90 minute ride to the camp site. The dirt road into the site is challenging enough when it's dry but it was raining by the time we turned off the highway.

The rain stopped long enough for us to set up our tents. I didn't have any leaks in my tent and was able to keep dry though some of my gear had gotten wet. The first night was a little challenging and I didn't sleep very well. I forgot to close the valve on the self-inflating mattress which promptly deflated when I crawled into my sleeping bag. I also managed to foul the zipper on the sleeping bag and it took some effort to straightened out. The next two nights were problem free and I slept reasonably well. I did find the small tent difficult to get in and out of.

I wasn't looking forward to using the out-house. My past experience with privy's hasn't been pleasant, fortunately these privy's were properly ventilated and well maintained, but I still wouldn't want to return to the nostalgic days of yesteryear.

I passed up an opportunity to go 4-wheeling the next day, after day one I wanted some down time, now I regret not going. I hung around the camp, helped take out the kitchen trash, dried my gear, went for a short walk, and snapped some pictures. There were also people games and bike games in the afternoon.

The club brought a full kitchen up to the camp so there was no shortage of food, and there was live entertainment every night. Latter in the evening we had a camp fire where we all sat and talked - we did not sing camp songs. The rain cut down the enjoyment of the fire the first night but the next two nights were very pleasant. I didn't stay up as late as some of younger guys did - I'm such an old fart. I wish I was better at making conversation.

Camping probably isn't my thing - not that I actually have a thing. I enjoyed the ride there and back, and I enjoyed hanging with the guys. I doubt I'll make camping a regular part of my life, but since it is only once a year, I'll probably do it again - with a bigger tent.

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Nick said...

I enjoyed reading your report and looking at the photos. Thank you for sharing it with us.