I blame Voldemort

I’ve recovered from my first camping trip; I still need to open-up, clean-up and air-out some of my gear. I captioned and posted pictures on Monday. Tuesday I wrote an article for the clubs blog about the event. Wednesday I finally wrote a more personal post about my experience.

I didn’t remember I had a video camera until the trip was over and we were getting ready to start back. I shot some video of the ride back but was really disappointed how it turned out; the camera’s automatic exposure didn’t do very well and the video was too dark.

The bike got covered with red dirt and mud during the trip so Thursday I washed the bike. I didn’t do a very thorough job; the spokes are still dirty and there is still dirt in some of the tight spaces. I could have done a better job had my big belly not gotten in the way. Oh well, it’s only going to get dirty again anyway.

Friday I needed a vacation from my vacation so I bought a box of cookies and started watching Harry Potter movies on DVD. I get the wide screen DVD’s because I like to see the movie the way it was filmed - I don’t like pan-and-scan. I told myself I would only eat six of the cookies a day. I ate the first six cookies then told myself another six wouldn’t hurt. By the end of the first movie I had polished off the entire box - 45 cookies! That’s 3,000 Calories! I blame Voldemort.

It was back on the motorcycle Saturday. I and a couple of friends rode around Denver putting up posters for the 25th Annual Cruise Against AIDS to be on Sunday July 25th. We started the day by attending a pancake breakfast to benefit the Colorado Anti-Violence Program. They had a huge turn-out! I think they were a little overwhelmed by the number of people that showed up. From there it was off to hang posters. We went into some real dive bars. I don’t find it at all flattering that drunks like my motorcycle. Why would anyone spend their Saturday sitting in a dingy bar getting plastered at 11 O’clock in the morning?

I had a craving for Burritos Sunday night so I went to the store and got the fixings, made Burritos and watched TV. PBS aired an all new “Pairot” staring David Suchet. There are two more new episodes airing the next two weeks. I really like David Suchet.

I was back in the office Monday morning. I didn’t think about work at all during my 2 weeks off and I made it clear I would not be checking email or answer the phone. I spent most of the morning reading email - I was able to delete most of it. It was back to the same old routine; I just don’t know how they got along without me. Monday afternoon someone in another department was let go and I had the task of disabling their access and grabbing their hard-drive. That can be an unpleasant chore so I usually try to dispatch a junior to do it.

Three of us plan to ride our motorcycles to the top of Pikes Peak this Saturday. A couple of us will stay over night in Colorado Springs and attend the Gay Pride festival Sunday. Next weekend is Cruise Against AIDS, the week after that is Mount Evans and Trail Ridge Road, and the week after that is a weekend in Breckenridge and Leadville. We have to cover the miles while we can - summer is short after all.

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