When life gives you Lemons, pucker-up and squeeze real hard

Not long ago someone told me they watch my videos but they thought they were boring - "All we see is the road; you don't show any of the scenery." I think my videos are boring too. I've thought about not doing them any more but I have too much fun making them.

I bought a pair of new camera mounts for the motorcycle. They're real easy to put-on and talk-off. The mounts let me have a camera aimed off the side to record the passing scenery. Hopefully with this setup, and some better narration, I'll be able to make better videos.

I'm still a little upset about our ride back from the mountains a few days ago. One of the motorcyclists with us doesn't ride very often and is not a skilled rider. He's a great guy but I, and another rider that was with us, thought he put our lives in jeopardy a couple of times. Maybe he isn't aware how problematic and dangerous his lack of skill is. I have some good video of the ride and would like to find a way to use it, but I don't want to risk embarrassing him or hurting his feelings.

I had a bit of a let-down this week. A friend of mine called and asked if I wanted to go riding this weekend. Of course I said yes, but over the course of an hour he revised his plans several times. What started out as "Hey! You want to go riding this weekend?" turned into "I'm heading off to Los Vegas Saturday and won't be back for a month." During all the chaos he also canceled a trip we had planned for September. I don't think it was anything I said - I suspect he was exited about his vacation and might have had a couple of drinks. Never the less, I'm disappointed about canceling our trip in September, and I'm annoyed about being asked to go riding then getting revised off his schedule.

I've grown accustomed to let-downs. That might be why I'm so withdrawn and don't engage with people very often. It's my own fault. I expect too much of others. I'm always disappointed when I discover they are merely fallible mortal humans - just like me.

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Nick said...

I always like your motorbike videos. That one to the Governor's Mansion was ace, and the one up the mountain I remember too. It looked a bit scary. Hope you keep doing them and enjoy it too.