Closed on Sunday

A friend and I went for a nice easy ride Saturday. We took US-85 north to the small town of Severance. There is a bar & grill there that is popular with recreational motorcyclists.

Listen! I had Rocky Mountain Oysters for the first time at Bruce's bar in Severance Colorado. In case aren't familiar with Rocky Mountain Oysters they are Bull testicles, usually served breaded and deep-fried. I was not impressed; they weren't gross or anything, they just weren't very tasty or satisfying. They looked like Pop Corn shrimp but all I could tast was the deep-fried breading. After feasting on Rocky Mountain Oysters in Severance, we stopped in Eaton on the way back to prowl through a junk shop there. A sign in the front window read "We buy junk and sell antiques" - I think they could have left out the second clause of that sentence. It was a pleasant ride; about an hour and a half one way - 147 miles round trip. I signed up for a class at the Unitarian Universalist church that I attend occasionally. It's rather odd, having been an anti-religion mad dog atheist for the last 40 years, but summer is over so it must be time to get all spiritual again. I read an interesting article in the October issue of "Quest", in which Reverend Peter Morales asks: "What do we love so much that we are moved to tears? What gives us unspeakable joy? What gives us peace beyond understanding? What do we love so much that it calls us to action? What do we care about deeply that we willingly, enthusiastically, devote our lives to it?" To be perfectly honest, I don't have answers for any of those questions. This afternoon a friend and I stopped in at a tiny little Japanese restaurant for an early supper. The restaurant is run by a husband and wife who are probably both in their mid to late 60's. It's very small - two small booths and a couple of sit stools - but the food was fantastic! I had California rolls, Teriyaki chicken bowel, soup, and hot Gun Barrel tea. For me, a meal that good is rather rare. I will definitely go back again. I doubt I can pronounce the name - it is Yoisho, and it's at 7236 E Colfax (corner of Colfax and Quebec). Closed on Sunday's.

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