Seeing Lawrence Way

I took a few minutes after lunch today to practice the art of seeing and sharpen my photographers eye. I walk past this arch every day but I'd never spotted the potential photograph until today.

When I look at this photograph my eye is immediately drawn to the sign, then it moves left to the globe and counter clockwise around the arch, across the walk to the cornstalks in the center, then it travels along the walkway into the distance.

The sign is very close to where the upper 1/3 horizontal and the right 1/3 vertical intersect - the arch fills most of the left 2/3 of the frame. The lettering of the sign stand out while the rest of the colors are subdued. My eye isn't distracted by the strong horizontal line of the overpass in the background.

I used a Nikon CoolPix P7000 in full auto with fill-flash, and held it over my head. There were people walking back and forth on the train platform and there were people walking past me on the sidewalk.

The placement of the sign, the arch, the walkway, and what's left out seem to invite me to explore Lawrence Way. For something so ordinary I'm very pleased with how well this photograph turned out.

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