a reason to ride

You don't need a reason to ride; riding is it's own reason. Sometimes it's nice to have a destination and something to do when you get there.

Saturday Todd and I rode our motorcycles to Cheyenne Wyoming to see the SkilsUsa car show at the Laramie County Community College. We were hoping a couple of other riders would be able to join us, unfortunately they all had other obligations. We met-up at the Conoco at Colfax and Colorado Blvd then took US85 north to Cheyenne.

The trip was an adventure. We didn't have any mishaps along the way, but the temperature was only 38F when we left Denver and there was a strong wind out of the north west. We encountered a little bit of sleet as we crossed over Chalk Bluff south of Cheyenne. The temperature reached 49F latter in the day but the wind was ferocious. Like a newbie I didn't bring the right gear so my feet and legs got really cold.

We ran inside and got hot coffee as soon as we got to the car show. I walked around and snapped a few pictures after I got warmed up. We ate Hot Dogs for lunch at the car show.

The ride back wasn't nearly as bad. It had warmed up considerably and the wind was at our back. I had to make an emergency stop in Eaton to release some used coffee. Stop in at the A & W restaurant the next time you're in Eaton.

Back in Denver we stopped at the "Geez, Louise Coffee House" (4924 E Colfax) for coffee and to get warmed up. The coffee house is "family" (gay) owned and operated. It's a nice place: good coffee and good atmosphere; they also serve food.

I don't need a reason to ride. There is pleasure in mounting the Iron Steed and heading off to anywhere, but it is a whole lot more fun to go riding with good friends.

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