There but for the grace of Cosmos go I

Just put one foot infront of the other.

Watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1 last Sunday.

Started off to work only to discover it was raining hard. I went back inside to find my rain gear but couldn't find it, I spent a half hour looking for it, I finally found it in the closet where it was suppose to be.

Submitted a project plan at work Wednesday. I really had to scramble to put it together.

I went to the Dentist Thursday; I didn't have any cavities.

The Rally Boots I ordered 3 months ago finally arrived.

"The Kings Speech" DVD arrived; I plan to watch it tonight.

I downloaded and started listening to "How to Stay Motivated".

Remembered I had Dennis Waitley "Seeds of Greatness" on CDROM; I loaded it into my iTunes so I can listen on my iPod.

Discovered I had an audio book called "Happier" on my iPod that I haven't listened to; it's been there for 2 years and I haven't listened to it yet.

I went to men's group Saturday night. During check-in others admitted to struggling with loneliness and depression issues too.

I'm going to set the alarm clock 30 minutes earlier to give myself time to go for a walk in the morning before heading off to work. It will be good for my body, good for my energy and good for my spirit.

I remembered a video I made several years ago called "Hills and Valleys". I need to remember that I'm in a valley right now and there will be a new hill coming up soon.

I was reminded that "You must give to receive". I've decided that, for now, my mission will be to brighten someone elses' day.

This afternoon I encountered someone much less fortunate than myself, so I made a small donation -- There but for the grace of Cosmos go I.

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Nick said...

Hi Clyde, a couple of years ago yesterday you gave me some encouragement and I then got back on my cycle and eventually did my end-to-end cycle ride. You gave me a little nudge just when I needed it. Without that encouragement I doubt that I would have gone anywhere. Thanks again for that, I truly appreciate it.