Meadowlarks and Hairspray

I got my big telephoto lens out Friday afternoon and went to Bluff Lake Nature Center located on what use to be Stapelton airport. It was still 95F (35C) when I got there. I changed into walking shoes, grabbed a bottle of water, the camera and a hat and started off. I forgot that I was wearing non-prescription sunglasses and left my regular glasses at home; this made it hard to use manual focus. I also ment to bring along the small camera with standard lens but left it back on the bike.

It was really hot. Between the sun, the heat and lugging the telephoto around I wore out pretty quickly. I didn't have a whole lot of luck but still managed to get a couple of good shots.

The first bird I spotted was a bright orange Northern "Bullock's" Oriole. It was quite active and I was still a little too far away. The automatic focus doesn't work very well for distant or active subjects; manual focus works best for these situations, unfortunately I was wearing sunglasses and didn't have my regular glasses with me. The pictures of the Oriole didn't turn out very well but they're good enough to make an identification.

As I was hiking back up the hill I spotted a Western Meadowlark and was able to get a series of good photos. This bird wasn't singing it's regular song; this bird was going "pip, pip, pip, chortle, chortle, chortle". I've never heard a Meadowlark do that before. Later it flew into the tall grass where it finally sang the song I am most familiar with.

Western Meadowlark, Bluff Lake Nature Center Denver, Co. June 24, 2011.

Western Meadowlark, Bluff Lake Nature Center Denver, Co. June 24, 2011.

Last week a friend of mine had tickets to a play that he wasn't able to use so he gave them to me. On Saturday I called another friend and we saw a live performance of the musical "Hairspray" at the Arvada Center for the Arts. I don't think I've seen a live performance of a play or musical since high school. It was very entertaining.

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