Tuesday in the park

Tuesday morning I went back to South Platte Park. I spent a couple of hours there. I really like this park. They've done a lot of work to clean up and restore the river and its flora and fauna. There are two trails that run the entire length of the park. One trail is concrete and is for bicycles the other is gravel and is for hikers and joggers. This time I walked north. I kept a watch out for birds. I saw a blue heron but other birds chased it away before I could get a picture.

Bridge crossing the South Platte river Littleton Colorado

In the evening I went to City Park where I met up with Michael, Lewis and Laurin. We were there for the "Melodies of Pride" concert by the Mile High Freedom Band and Harmony Chorale (glbt).

Harmony Chorale City Park Denver Colorado.
The Mile High Freedom Band is hidden behind the Chorale.

Michael, Lewis and Laurin

I noticed the moon rising over the park lake after the concert. I had my little camera and said to myself "I know this isn't going to work but I'm going to try it anyway." The Nikon P7000 has a setting for taking pictures at dawn and dusk. I was able to get a rather nice photo of the moon rising over the lake.

Moon rise over Ferril Lake City Park Denver Colorado

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