Walking the parks

I'll be satisfied if I can get my weight below 200 lb. and keep it there; I'd like to loose about 8 pounds. I've been taking a walk every morning. It gets a little boring walking around the neighborhood every day and I'd rather not walk on concrete if I can walk on gravel or dirt. Once in awhile I'll take the motorcycle to one of the suburban nature preserves to go for a walk. I usually take a camera with me.

Last week I went to Crown Hill Park in Wheat Ridge. I walked on the dirt path that circles the outside perimeter of the park; I did have to walk on concrete some of the time. It took me 40 minutes to complete the circle; it's 2 miles around. There were 3 Pelicans on the lake but I didn't have my telephoto lens with me. I was able to snap this picture of a barn swallow at the end of my walk.

Sunday afternoon I rode out to Lakewood to walk around the Bear Creek Greenbelt. Bear Creek Greenbelt is only one park of a network of interconnected parks in Lakewood. You can start in Bear Creek Lake Regional Park in the west and walk, or bicycle, for about 8 miles ending up in Bear Creek Park in the east. Bear Creek Greenbelt is half way in between. I took quite a few pictures there.

Yesterday I rode down to South Platte Park in Littleton. The park is a nature preserve along the Platte River; it's about 2 1/2 miles from end-to-end. I spent more time exploring along the river than I did walking. I only snapped a couple of pictures while there. This is a great birding spot.

This morning I did my usual walk to Cheesman Park and back. They've been doing some cleanup and repair work on one of the mansions along 7th street. I noticed some interesting markings where they cut back some of the creeping vines along the fence.

I want to get out earlier in the day and take my big telephoto lens with me. I want to go back to Bear Creek and South Platte and do some birding. I also want to visit Barr Lake and Chatfield. I'd like to go back to Roxborough too.

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