Easy reading

I woke to a fresh blanket of snow this morning. Normally I do trail maintenance at the refuge on Tuesday, but with heavy snow fall over the weekend and fresh snow this morning, no one will be working on trails today. I stayed home, paid bills, typed up club meeting minuts, and read.

I didn't think I would like eBooks or the Nook, but I've read 5 books since getting the Nook, and I've really enjoyed it. I can't identify what it is about the Nook or eBooks that seems to make reading easier; it may be psychological or perhaps the device helps to keep my attention focused. I finished Denver Inside and Out yesterday and have started reading a book about the geology of Colorado.

There was a story on the news about a jogger being attacked by a coyote in Boulder. The Boulder animal control put down two agressive coyotes along the same trail yesterday. I sent the story on to my superviser at the refuge. Historically, coyote attacks on humans has been rare, but with urban encroachment coyotes are loosing their fear of humans and becoming more aggressive.

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