Goody bye Flicker

Flicker has moved to a pay to play format, so I've deleted my Flicker account. No more Flicker. No more YouTube. I'm beginning to think this Blog isn't worth keeping anymore either.

Goodbye YouTube

I'm done with YouTube. I have deleted all of my YouTube videos and will not be postingbto YouTube any more. Their Content ID system is so wrought with fraud that it literally doesn't work. #fraud #content #youtube

Painting on the iPad

I painted this on my iPad using an Apple pencil while sitting in my recliner in front of the TV. Dr. Hartley thinks it's good. Shows you what he knows :)

Extra ham please

I just passed my Extra Class ham radio exam! I now have full privileges on all bands. I haven’t decided if I’ll change my call sign (KB0AMJ.) I doubt I will.