Fossil tree

Last Saturday I rode the motorcycle from Arvada to the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument in Florissant Colorado. It was a great ride. I didn't know until I got there that there was a motorcycle rally in nearby Cripple Creek on the same day.

I'm on the right. On the left is a 34 million year old petrified redwood tree stump.

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I like to take photos of clouds. Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Florissant, Colorado.

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Blue moon

I went out to photograph the sun setting over Eldorado Canyon Thursday night which also happened to be the night of the full moon. I was confident there would be a nice sunset because there were enough broken clouds there was also a lot of dirt, smoke, and water vapor hanging in the air. I really struggled to get anything usable but was able to snap a few good shots. I'm still finding my way around the Canon 70D but I'm not sure what was causing me so much trouble.

Sunset over Eldorado Canyon with the Canon 70D.

Facing east with the Canon 70D on a tripod. I used exposer bracketing to build an HDR image but chose only one of the photos. You can see the dirt and smoke in the air.

I took this photo just before sunset because I thought it was pretty. I used the Canon G15 point and shoot in HDR mode facing south. That land is on the other side of the highway and use to be Rocky Flats.

Funeral for a fireman

I watched the funeral procession for Denver fireman John Whelan Tuesday morning and took these photos.

A little bit of video

Recorded July 4th evening from my dashcam

Happy July 5th. I recorded this last night in Arvada, Colorado.

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barreling down Flagstaff Road west of Boulder. I might have sped up the video a little bit.


Conjunction of the moon, Jupiter and Venus. Venus is on the right.
June 20, 2015.

At the park

Blue Heron face off

Dwindling goslings started with 8 now there are 2

Domestic Mallards gone feral

Sunset at Arbor Lake

We need a little beauty today. Sunset at Arbor Lake, Arvada, Colorado.

Selfie in the park.

Lightning, thunder and hail! Oh my!

Lightning, thunder and hail over Arvada. This is about a 1/2 hour after video below. I brought the camera inside, then the cat and I went downstairs until the worst of the storm was over. (Note: this is a 7second loop that plays over and over.)

Zap! I extracted this still photo out of the above video.

Lightning storm over Broomfield. This is second attempt at recording; I didn't have the camera set to video mode on the first attempt. (Note: this clip requires JavaScript to be enabled.)

lightning storm over Broomfield.

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