Lost in the storm

A spring snow storm hit the Colorado front range last week. It dumped several inches of heavy wet snow which damaged a lot of trees and some roofs.

I drove to Metzger Farm Open Space to see if the herons and owls survived the storm . All of the heron nests in the east tree have been abandoned. There are still two active heron nests in the west tree. The owls in the east tree and the owls on the north trail both survived. Another birder told me the hawk nest failed and some nesting geese were flooded out.

Great Horned Owl, Metzger Farm Open Space, Broomfield, Colorado, April 19, 2016.

This is one pathetic looking coyote, Metzger Farm Open Space, Broomfield, Colorado, April 19, 2016.

Jumping with joy

I went to Metzger Farm open space park in Broomfield, Colorado Saturday. The herons have returned again this year to raise their young as have some owls. As I was leaving I spotted a Kestrel right next to the road. I jumped out of the car so fast I almost forgot to put it into park!

Hallelujah! I finally got a decent shot of a Kestrel. I am jumping with joy right now!
American Kestrel

The Great Blue Herons have returned to Metzger Farm Open Space to raise their young.

As have Great Horned owls. This nest is in the same tree as the herons and was about 300 feet away. We counted three chicks.

This is a different family farther north. Officials put a temporary fence to keep people from getting too close. We were able to get about 100 feet from her. I could see two chicks.

I got a good photograph of a meadowlark a few years ago. I also want to get a good recording of the meadowlarks song. This is my second attempt at a recording.

Singing in the snow

I may have been a little too optimistic about the weather when I went to Crown Hill Park this morning, but the weather didn't stop this American Robin or Redwing Blackbird.

Crown Hill Park

American Robin

Redwing Blackbird

Of course it stopped snowing as soon as I got home and dried off.

Forgotten penny

I don't think I've seen one of these pennies. If I knew they existed I'd forgotten them.

In 2009 the US mint suspended production of the regular penny and minted four different varieties of commemorative Lincoln pennies in honor of Lincoln's 200th birthday. Each variety has a different reverse. In 2010 they introduced the newly redesigned penny with a union shield replacing the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse. The commemorative pennies were only minted in 2009. I guess I don't look at my pennies close enough.

I took this photo of a commemorative penny I found in my pocket this morning. I used a 50mm Macro lens with +2 & +4 closeup filters added on. I had a little trouble with the lighting but finally got a shot I was happy with.