Fall Colors on Guanella Pass

Fall colors, Guanella Pass, road 381, Georgetown to Grant, Colorado. September 21, 2016. The road is paved all the way from Georgetown on I70 to Grant on US285.

Guanella Pass

Guanella Pass

Guanella Pass

Twice the speed

Come along for a drive down Flagstaff Road into Boulder Colorado at twice the normal speed. It'll be fun! Filmed with my DOD dash cam on September 17, 2016.

Problem solved

I've been unhappy with my Chevy Equinox ever since I bought it. It didn't have 4 wheel drive, was hard to see out of (virtually blind to the right,) got poor gas milage, and the air conditioner smelled.

Yesterday I fixed those problems and traded it on a Toyota Tacoma with access cab and trekking package. Now I can go explore some ghost towns.

Where can I buy truck balls?

Train with turbine blades

Burlington Northern & Santa Fe engine #6163 pulls a train of wind turbine blades south on the BNSF Front Range Subdivision from Broomfield to Denver. September 3, 2016.

Train of hopper cars

I video recorded a train for no particular reason.

BNSF #5336 pulling hopper cars north bound on Front Range subdivision crossing Pierce St @ MP 9.38, Westminster, Colorado. August 6, 2016, 5:25PM (23:25UTC).

The cat got a train set

The cat said I could play with his model train set as long as he was there to supervise.