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Sunday, September 25, 1994

I can fly! I can fly!

You might not know that I can fly an airplane. I can't fly one legally but I did take flying lessons in 1994 and flew solo several times. In 1994 I took lessons from Steve Green (not the weather man) of Aspen Flying Club at Centennial Airport. I didn't complete my training because it was too expensive.

1994 was the same year Denver International Airport (DIA) opened for business. A week before it opened they hosted a General Aviation Fly-in. When I learned about the fly-in I was quick enough to reserve an airplane before they were all booked. I was fortunate enough to be able to land an airplane at DIA, sign the gust book, snap a couple of photos, and take off again. We didn't have much time to look around; we had to have the plane back by 10am because it was booked the rest of the day.

Landing an airplane at Denver International Airport, or even soloing an airplane, isn't something everyone gets to do. I'm happy I took advantage of the opportunity and was able to do it.

This is me just before taking off from Centennial for Denver International Airport general aviation fly-in September 25, 1994. I've put on a few pounds since this photo was taken.