Painting on the iPad

I painted this on my iPad using an Apple pencil while sitting in my recliner in front of the TV. Dr. Hartley thinks it's good. Shows you what he knows :)

Extra ham please

I just passed my Extra Class ham radio exam! I now have full privileges on all bands. I haven’t decided if I’ll change my call sign (KB0AMJ.) I doubt I will.


I was going to throw this clip away until I noticed that it was mildly hypnotic. #ASMR #hypnotic

I made an Internet of Things thing

An esp8266 wifi microcontroller breakout board from Adafruit, a quad 7-segment LCD display, and can be made into a simple weather monitor.


A string of 60 NeoPixel RGB LEDs run by an Arduino Mini. I wrote the script and had my MAC narrate it using the ZarVox voice.

My working Full Adder (or my two bits worth)

Demoing my working Full Adder built with transistors.

#make #build #digital #ttl #logic #computer #amateur #hobby

My experience with an exclusive OR

I tried to build a full adder out of transisters but couldn't get it to work, so I started over from scratch.

make, electronics, logic, ttl, computer, digital, amateur, hobby, breadboard, build,

Squamous epithelium on a slide

I got a microscope! Video shows me trying it out by looking at a sample of squamous epithelium on a slide. Pictures were taken by holding my cellphone up to the eyepiece.

Duck duck crow

Mallard ducks. Lots of color.

Hooded Merganser. Poofy hair.

American Crow (Common Crow.) Uh, I'm not sure that's edible.

My NASCAR race

I took 3rd place in this NASCAR race. There were no injuries but they were still cleaning up the wreckage when I left.

Towers of Hanoi puzzle

Demonstrate the Towers of Hanoi puzzle using QEMU emulator running a Forth script. QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer.

The Tower of Hanoi Forth script written by Amit Singh. QEMU disk image created by Thomas Huth.