Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pictures of Tepee buttes & Aircraft Museum Boone/Pueblo Colorado July 1999

I drove to Boone Colorado in July 1999 to see a geologic formation called "Tepee Buttes". These are the pictures I took.

A geologic feature called Tepee Buttes near Boone Colorado. The Roadside Geology of Colorado (Halka Chronic), page 67, describes Tepee buttes as "Congregations of marine shellfish, possibly living in patches of sea grass, built reef-like aggregates on the floor of the shallow Cretaceous sea. Today these limy aggregates, more resistant than the surrounding shale, form Tepee Buttes.".
To learn more about the Tepee-Buttes see: Tepee Buttes: Late Cretaceous Submarine Springs of El Paso and Pubelo County

I stopped at the B-24 museum on the way back from Boone, unfortunately I arrived too late to get in, but I still got some nice pictures.

The B-24 museum (also called the Fed E. Weisbrod Aircraft Museum) is located at the Pueblo Memorial Airport is open Monday - Friday, 9AM - 2PM. Admission is free. Unfortunately, I arrived after 3. I still got some nice picturers though from outside the fence.

Pictures of Virginian Hotel & Bone Cabin at Medicine Bow WY. Aug. 2000

I took these pictures of the Bone Cabin and the Virginian Hotel near Medicine Bow Wyoming in August 2000.

The oldest building in America is located Six miles east of Medicine Bow Wyoming. Medicine Bow was made famous by Owen Wister's novel, The Virginian (1902). Riply's calls Bone Cabin "the oldest building in America" because it is built entirely out of fossilized dinosaur bones. The bones were dug from the Como Bluffs anticline just north of the cabin. Como Bluffs is the location of a now legendary dinosaur fossil site. (And, a notorious paleontological feud between Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope during the 1870's.)

The Virginian Hotel was built in Medicine Bow Wyoming between 1901 and 1911 by August Grimm and George Plummer. It is named after Owen Wister's book The Virginian. It was designated a National Historic Place in 1978.

Pictures of the Bighorn scenic byway (US 14A) taken Sept. 2000

I took these pictures in September 2000 when I drove over the Bighorn scenic byway (US 14A). I stopped at Cowley Wyoming, and hiked up to the sacred Medicine Wheel in the Bighorn mountains, along the way.

The Bighorn scenic byway (US 14A) begins at Lovell Wyoming (within the Bighorn basin). It crosses the northern third of the Bighorn mountains ending at Dayton Wyoming (within the Powder river basin). Pictures include "THE BIG HORN ACADEMY" at Cowley WY., the Bighorn basin, the Medicine Wheel, and the Powder River Basin.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hills and valleys

Well, even though this past week started out pretty rotten, all in all it was a good week. I actually got some work done.

The week started out with me posting a video about my thoughts on Christmas. I had several people tell me that it was a good video even though it did end on a rather negative note.

For reasons I still can't quite put my finger on, a full 24 hours latter, I became embaressed about my videos and ended up not only taking my videos down but deleting all of my favorites, deleting my subscribers and deleting all of my subscriptions!

I moped around for a couple of days then, after talking to a friend about it, decided I would try to put everything back the way it was. It was an awfully impulsive thing to do.

Those were a couple of bad days.

I don't know what made me think of this but I noticed that as I go through my day I'm usually walking through rooms or down hallways. Sometimes I have to take an elevator or stairs up then take an elevator or stairs back down but I'm usually on level ground.

As I was thinking about this, I remembered the times I use to drive to Utah. As I left town, I drove up a long steep grade up the side of a mountain then down into a canyon on the other side. The pattern of going up the side of a mountain and down the other side kept repeating until a left the Rocky Mountains behind me.

I had a different experience the time I drove to Kansas City. I drove across a flat level plane for hours and hours and hours. As I neared the east side of Kansas the terrain started to change; there were now gentle rolling hills and valleys.

It doesn't seem to matter which direction I'm going - East, West, North or South there are always hills and valleys and peaks and canyons to cross. I think my life has been like that too. I have had good days and I have had bad days. Good weeks and bad weeks. Good years and bad years. Every bad year has been followed by some good years. Every bad week has been followed some good weeks. And, every bad day has been followed by good days.

I should try to remember that!

I have a tendency to remember the bad things. Usually I either don't recognize the good things for what they are or I forget the good things and only remember the bad things. That's a bad habit. I should try to replace it with a better habit.

I need to remember the good things too!

All in all I've had a good life so far. I've had my fair share of failures but I've also had my fair share of successes too. Generally there have been about as many hills as there have been valleys.

Now, I really must be going. I have another hill to clime.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Hello my name is ...

Well, ready or not, here I am.

I confess that I have some reservations about putting up a video log.

Hopefully my reservations are unwarranted. I am a little concerned that a middle aged man posting video diaries on You Tube might not be "age appropriate", or that I might come across as an "old fool", or a "grouchy, dirty old man".

I probably will!

One of life's lessons that I still haven't mastered is, I need to be willing to take some personal risks once in awhile and risk playing the fool.

I don't like taking risks.

How does the old adage go? "Silence is the better part of valor." Or, "Wisdom is knowing when to shut up."

So, for me posting a diary, let alone a video diary, feels like a significant personal risk. I am risking making a fool out of myself.

Hello, my name is Clyde.

I am a single middle aged gay man living the the Rocky Mountain region. I am college educated (but I can't spell to save my life!) I work in the Info Tech field. A look at my web page will reveal what it is I do.

I don't really have a reason to have a Blog or Video log. I just want one. It's kind of like having an itch that you've just have to scratch. But, I don't want to just make random postings or "What I had for lunch" videos. I think I'll set some goals for my Vlogging. But first I want to set some guidelines for myself.

Civility has become very important to me but I confess that I haven't always behaved in the most civilized way.

I pledge to never criticize, condemn or complain.

I will strive to always be respectful of others and to practice empathy, compassion, humanness, personal integrity and personal authenticity.

I will strive to eliminate hubris from my attitude and speech and to avoid preaching.

I will use caution to not say or do anything that could come back to haunt me in the future.

In addition to personal Vlog postings I may also do some postings that are of a "book report" nature or opinion pieces. I may also do some "this is what I learned" pieces.

I'm doing this mostly for fun but also as sort of a "self-improvement" project and you get to watch. Wish me luck.

Well, that's all.

Bye for now.