Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving at Bastien's

I got up a little earlier this morning than I normally do. I fixed some oatmeal, coffee, took my pills and listened to NPR. I did my foot and leg exercises then took out the trash and ran the vacuum cleaner.

I watched several YouTub videos this morning. Some of the channels I visited include: sumfight, andymooseman, wickydkewl, tenneral, and Fred's. I see that Nick put up his pictures of the November field; I'll bet he got his shoes all muddy. It's been interesting to watch this field change throughout the year.

I spent some time poking around on Blogger this afternoon. There sure are a lot of bloggers but I noticed that most of the blogs I clicked on hadn't been updated in over a year. Some of the blogs had exactly one post and some of the blogs were empty. Many of the bloggers had filled out their profile completely but didn't have a blog. I'm doing well to squeak out one post a week (I try to post twice a week.) Looks like I'm doing better than many others. I set up Google Analytics several months ago. I average about ten visitors a day. The Motorcycle gear shift sequence article seems to be my most popular post.

I and a group of friends went to Bastien's Restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner this evening. We all had the Thanksgiving Turkey special - soup or salad, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables (corn and green beans), cranberries, and dessert - $18.95. It was a great meal! Pleasant ambience and good service. Good company and pleasant conversation (I even got to see some nice eye candy.)

Tomorrow is another work day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dead foot

I received an odd Email a couple of weeks ago. The sender wanted to know my opinion about a statement concerning "Ethical Hackers", so I dashed off a somewhat half backed reply. I was thinking about it some more this weekend and started to write a blog post about it. I haven't posted it yet because I want to spend some more time on it and do a better job.

I bought some new shoes Saturday afternoon. I bought some departments store shoes a few months ago but they really hurt my feet. This time I went to a real shoe store where a professional measures your feet and fits the shoes for you. These new ones are much better.

The bad department store shoes did some damage to the Plantar Fascia of my right foot so I went to the podiatrist this afternoon. I've had the problem before. After X-rays to check for bone spurs (found none) he deadened the nerve in my heel with an injection and changed the orthotics I normally wear. The injection will last a few days and will give the nerve time to heal. With the new shoes and new orthotics I shouldn't have any more problem.

Never buy cheep shoes! Never wear shoes that are worn out!

I got together with a group of friends Saturday night; they are all my age or a little older. We mostly talked about the election, the state of the economy and health care. One of our group volunteers to help build and repair hiking trails and picnic sites several times each summer; he's been doing it for years. He was recognized for completing his 50th project this summer.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Has anyone seen my shoes?

So much has happened in the last few months that I have trouble absorbing it all and making sense of it. There are so many things I could write about but I find it difficult to focus on any one topic, dedicate the brain power to it or muster the motivation to write. Then again, maybe I really don't have any deep or profound insights to write about.

I went to the store Saturday and bought some groceries and a carton of cigarettes. Sunday morning I couldn't find the new carton of cigarettes and decided that I must have left them at the store. I took my receipt and went back to the store; they happily replaced the missing cigarettes. Sunday night I found the missing carton in the bathroom. Vicodin makes me stupid. So, Monday I went back to the store and paid for them. I probably could have rationalized ripping them off for $4 but I couldn't rationalize ripping them off for $40.

I had a lot more pain in my left wrist Monday than I've had since surgery. I think it's a little swollen; I haven't been keeping it elevated as much as I should. I took a "stupid pill" (Vicodin) and iced it down. That helped a lot; it feels a lot better this morning.

I created a Twitter account and played with Twitter Saturday and Sunday. I put a Twitter widget on my blog. Twitter is a little like a "mini" blog and a little like Instant Messaging. It's kind of fun but it's also kind of silly. I took the widget off of my blog Sunday night; I don't know that I'll use twitter - maybe latter.

A small group of us at work have been receiving Conflict Mediation training. Monday was our third session. It's been a good experience. I also sent away for a book about "peer counseling".