I have been to the mountain top and I can see for miles

A friend and I rode our motorcycles up to the top of Mount Evans Colorado (14,270 ft) Friday morning (July 24, 2009.) After we conquered Mt Evans we decided to extend our excursion over Berthoud Pass to Granby, through Rocky Mountain National Park (Trail Ridge Road) and Fall River Pass to Estes Park, US36 to Boulder then back to Denver.

We left at 8AM and got back into Denver a little after 6PM. We ended our trip in Cheesman Park where we stopped to rest, drink some Pop and cool down.

I was disappointed to discover that the picture I asked someone to take of us in front of the Mt Evans summit sign didn't turn out - apparently he didn't push the button all the way down. Fortunately Todds pictures turn out.

Saturday we took our bikes up to the top of Pikes Peak. I thought the ride up Mt Evans was scary but the ride up Pikes Peak was terrifying. It wasn't the narrow gravel road and hair-pin curves that scared me; it was the cliff off the edge of the road that terrified me. I made it to the top and back down again and lived to tell about it. Unfortunately, I didn't take the helmet camera up to Pikes Peak.

I bought commemorative vest Pins and Patches at Mt Evans, Fall River Pass (Alpine Visitors Center) and Pikes Peak.

6th Annual KSL Benefit Run 2009

I joined a group of riders at Charlie's of Denver early Saturday morning for the 6th Annual KSL Benefit Run to benefit the ALT Foundation. There were about 30 motorcycles.

The route took us through Cheesman Park for the "Fruit Loop", west on 6th Av to US 40, south to Morrison, highway 74 to Evergreen, highway 73 south to Conifer and highway 126 to Pine. There was a big cookout in Pine Colorado (don't tell my Doctor.)

I had a great time! I recorded the whole ride on my helmet camera.

Below is a synopsis video (9:12) that covers the whole ride. The audio of the first 1:30 is really low (I was too far away) and only in the left channel but audio of the rest of the video is good.

6th Annual KSL Benefit Run 2009

Below is a clip (4:13) of the twisty road up Bear Creek Canyon Road. That's Todd in the lead.

Motorcycle ride up Bear Creek Canyon Road