Ride to Deer Creek Canyon Park

This weekend was Memorial Day weekend so we had a 3 day weekend.

Saturday I and a couple of others rode around and visited several of the motorcycle dealerships in the city. I looked at motorcycles while they talked to the dealer about sponsoring the Cruise Against AIDS motorcycle run event in July.

From Deer Creek Canyon Park

At one dealer I was able to test ride a Harley Soft Tail Deluxe. It was the first time I'd ridden on a Harley. It had more than twice the horse power and torque than my Suzuki. Its shifting was much easier and smoother than mine too but it didn't fit me very well; my legs felt cramped and I didn't like the seat.

All I did Sunday was watch Television.

From Deer Creek Canyon Park

Monday I rode the motorcycle to Deer Creek Canyon Open Space park south west of Denver. I didn't do too much hiking because I forgot to bring a hat and only had my riding boots. I still snapped a few pictures. I continued west on Deer Creek Canyon road after leaving the park. It's a fun twisty road, a little narrow, but in good condition.

From Deer Creek Canyon Park

I left the apartment at 1:15 and got back at 4:30. Round trip was 64 miles.

Tomorrow is another work day.

How I wound up in North Platte NE.

I and another guy rode our motorcycles to North Platte Nebraska and back Saturday. It was a little cool when we set out, at 8:15AM, for Sterling where we met-up with two more riders from Scottsbluff. On the way we made a quick stop so I could tighten the bolt on my throttle lock.

We spent more time in Sterling than we planned but we had a nice visit with Mom & Pop from Julesburg; they showed us their wiener dogs. It was Noon when the four of us headed out of Sterling for North Platte. Our group was comprised of 2 Cruisers and 2 Sports bikes (Harley, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki).

From North Platte

We had a side wind the whole route (I-76 & I-80) but it wasn't too bad; we could still smell the feed-lots we past. (Imagen a sheep dog that got all wet with sour milk then multiply that stench by 1,000 - a pleasant flowery smell it is not.)

We stopped in Sutherland Nebraska for gas and a short break. While we were there a pickup truck pulled up to the pump; the driver jammed their gas cap into the pump handle and went inside; a minute latter the tank overflowed and pumped several gallons of gas onto the ground before someone ran over and turned the pump off.

Twenty minutes later we were in North Platte Nebraska. We found a Burger King and ate Cheese burgers and French Fries for lunch. We circled through Cody park and spent a few minutes riding around North Platte. I was hoping to find a place where we could park the bikes and get a picture of the us, the bikes and the big train yard that's in North Platte, but we couldn't find a good photo spot.

We started back to Denver at 3:30PM; by then the wind had changed direction and was stronger. Because of the wind we didn't get as good of gas mileage and had to make an extra gas stop. We arrived back in Denver at 7:45PM. Total round trip mileage was 539 miles.

I didn't shoot any video or take very many pictures. I should find an easier way of including myself in some of the pictures.