How I wound up at the D-Note

Last Friday we had some really big storms build up over the mountains that moved east over the planes; they dropped heavy rain and hail from about 3:30 PM until about 11:00 PM, and several tornados were sighted. It rained most of Saturday and Sunday too. It was wet enough Sunday morning that I and my motocycle buddies decided not to go on the Molly-Dharma benefit run. The bad weather had cleared out by Monday morning, but the weekend was ruined.

Four of us got together and went for ride Wednesday evening. Camron, Cathi, Todd and myself rode up Bear Creek Canyon Road (C74) to Evergreen then over to Conifer. From Conifer it was a short hop on 285 to South Turkey Creek road and Tiny Town. Back in Denver we took Wadsworth Blvd all the way to Arvada to have dinner at "Gunther Toody's" but they had just closed when we arrived. We ended up eating at an interesting place called the "D-Note" in old town Arvada.

I didn't enjoy the ride up Bear Creek because the sun was low over the mountains and shining in my eyes, and it cast long shadows that I couldn't see into. Those dark shadows were hiding twisty mountain roads! It made for a difficult ride.

We are all looking forward to riding our motorcycles at the head of the Denver Gay Pride Parade Sunday morning. I'm going to try and mount one of the Go Pro cameras on the Road King; I probably won't wear a helmet in the parade so won't use the helmet camera.

Todd, Cathi, Camron.

Night ride and evil road spirits

I and a couple of friends, Todd and Camron, went for a long motorcycle ride Friday night. We rode north to Fort Morgan and ate at a fast food restaurant. We hung out for over an hour at the fast food joint and the local park. We decided to extend our trip by continuing north on C52 out of Fort Morgan then taking C14 west to US85.

Twilight was fading to night as we rode north out of Fort Morgan. There was something about the twilight, the smell of the grass and the asphalt in the headlight that triggered a dormant memory in me. I use to go deer hunting with my Dad when I was a teenager. We would spend most of the day in a pickup truck pounding around the country side where there were no roads. Once we didn't bag our game until sunset so it was dark by the time the game was dressed out and loaded into the truck. We bounced our way over hills and through ravines, in the dark, back to the highway for an hour drive back to town. Having to negotiate a few turns in the road brought me back to the present moment.

It was 10PM when we pulled into Greeley and took a break at a local dive bar. While there weren't any unpleasantries I can't say it's a place I would visit again. When I sat down, one of the local crack heads asked me if I was a Cop - I pretended not to hear him. It was after 11PM when we started back to Denver.

It was 12:30AM when I got back to the apartment. I can't remember the last time I was out so late. The windshield collected a lot of bugs on it (and so did I). Round trip was 230 miles.

Four of us: Todd, Camron, Cathi and myself rode the twisty canyon roads on Sunday. We went west up Golden Gate Canyon road (C46) then north through Nederland and down into Boulder on Boulder Canyon drive (C119). Both roads are challenging but Golden Gate Canyon thoroughly tested my skills. We ate lunch in Boulder. We stopped at a Harley-Davidson dealership in Dacono before heading back into Denver. Round trip was 119 miles.

Todd, Clyde, Camron, Cathi

I was presented with a Guardian Bell to hang on my new motorcycle today. Legend says the bell will keep you safe from the Evil Road Spirits that live in the road. The Evil Road Spirits get trapped inside the bell and driven insane. Tradition says you can not buy a Guardian Bell for yourself, someone has to give it to you, so I consider it quite an honor to be given one by my friends. Thank you Cathi, Todd and Camron.

Camron, Todd, Clyde

Breaking in the Road King

Me posing with my new Harley-Davidson Road King
Rockey Mountain Harley-Davidson, Littleton Colorado June 2, 2010.
(Cathi took the picture with her iPhone)

Thursday evening Cathi, Camron, Todd and myself took a fast ride out to Watkins Colorado to test out my new wheels. We stopped at the gas station there to have some Ice Tea and visit before heading back into Denver. We stopped just outside Watkins to take group pictures (one of the few times I didn't have a camera and tripod). I opened up the new Road King on the way back and shifted it into 6th gear.

Camron, Clyde (me), Todd.
Watkins Colorado June 3, 2010.
(Cathi took the picture with her iPhone)

Todd cooked a pork roast with vegetables and we cut fresh garden greens for salad; this was all followed by home made brownies and ice cream. After dinner I watched while Todd and Camron put a new High Tech bulb into Todds head light.

We are planning to ride to Fort Morgan for Root Beer floats Friday evening.

I bought a Harley!

I went shopping Harley's today. I already knew what I wanted but it was a good thing I had a friend come with me. The first dealership we visited had a Flame Blue Peal Road King fully equipped with ABS, cruise control, heated grips, security system and detachable sissy bar/luggage rack. Of course my response was "I'll take that one. Who do I make the check out to?" Fortunately my friend insisted on, not only getting a quote in writing, but also visiting another dealership.

The truth is I don't really need ABS or the heated grips and they weren't going to give me the full book value for my Suzuki so I reluctantly went with my friend to another dealership.

I worked with Dave at Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson Motor Company in Littleton Colorado. He had several different Road Kings on the floor. I picked out a two tone Flame Blue Pearl/Brilliant Silver Pearl with cruise control but without the ABS, heated grips, security system and detachable sissy bar/luggage rack; I then added the detachable sissy bar (without luggage rack). When we inked the deal, not only was the retail price less than the other dealer, but Rocky Mountain gave me full book value for the Suzuki and they installed the mounting hardware for the sissy bar for free.

The Road King is air-cooled, 1584cc with 92.6 foot pounds of Torque (@ 3500rpm) - more than double of the Suzuki I traded. It holds six gallons of gas and weights in at 812 lbs. The bags are much larger than the bags I put on the Suzuki and these actually lock. The bike comes stock with passing lights, engine guard, 2-up seat, lockable removable hard bags and chrome bag protectors (that's the chrome peace infront of the bags). Everything else is extra.

The key is used to lock and unlock the ignition but once the ignition is unlocked the key can be removed. That's what the "security system" is about - the security system adds an electronic key fob that disables the ignition if the key fob is more than 3 feet away from the bike; I'll have that added after I've paid for the license plate and all the checks have cleared.

I'm ready to ride! Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow.