Two week motorcycle trip in July

Video with narration of the motorcycle trip I took in July through Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

Also available in HD on youtube.

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Two week trip on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle through Colorado, Wyoming and Montana in July 2011. Stops include: Guernsey, Gillette, Devils Tower, Cody, Beartooth, Red Lodge, Glacier National Park, Big Hole, Bannack, Virginia City, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Flaming Gorge, Million Dollar Highway, Red Mountain, Wolf Creek, Buena Vista, Denver.


Today would have been Matthew Shepard's 35th birthday

"Today Matthew Shepard would have turned 35 if hate hadn't ended his life so early. Thinking of his family, and the symbol of love and tolerance that he has become. A special thanks to his parents, specifically Judy Shepard, for all the work she has done to promote tolerance. Matthew Shepard won't be forgotten."
--Scott B.(Thank you Scott)

In memory of those who lost their lives. Jamey Rodemeyer: 250 Balloons to Remember the Fallen...
by Davey Wavey (Note: Balloons used were biodegradable.)