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Monday, August 24, 2015

Feeling energetic

I've been more energetic the past few weeks. I drew up a list of some of the things I've done during the last 2 weeks.
  • I worked at the wildlife refuge twice.
  • I bought new cloths. 3 bluejeans and 6 shirts.
  • Got my eyes checked. Happy to learn I don't need new glasses.
  • Renewed my drivers license.
  • Rode the motorcycle in the new express lane. Had to get a permit.
  • Caught a cold.
  • Lake Lador, Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge
  • Distributed to friends copies of the magazine I published.
  • Deleted a bunch of junk out of my Blog.
  • Ran into a former work colleague.
  • Attended the annual Home Owners Association meeting.
  • Rode the motorcycle to Florissant, Colorado.
  • Did 6 loads of laundry but not all on the same day.
  • Met with my Cardiologist. He told me to eat more vegetables and get more exercise.
  • Started walking on the treadmill and lifting the hand weights again.
  • Watched the Little League World Series. They play hard, it's fast paced, and a lot happens.
  • Shopped Dyson cordless vacuums but they're too expensive and I don't need one that badly.
  • Watched some instructional videos about Adobe Lightroom.
  • Reviewed the Canon 70D DSLR exposer compensation in the user manual. I want to try HDR again.
Over all it's been a productive few weeks.


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