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Saturday, January 08, 2022

Ham Radio Television

A tour and demo of my ham radio television station (Amateur Radio Fast Scan TV.)

The transmitter is an HV-320 produced by HiDes. It puts out about 1 watt of power. The receiver is an HV-122 also made by HiDes. The HiDes transmitter and receiver send and receive using DVB-T The power amplifier is a 23cm, 30/15/4.5 Watt, 49 dB Amplifier Model 23-11A by KH6HTV.COM.

While testing at home I'm transmitting and receiving on 1.243Ghz, but the HV-320 and HV-122 can transmit and receive on any Amateur Radio band between 100Mhz and 2.5Ghz. There is additional information about Amateur Radio Television at


Florin said...

Nice setup for DATV!
What are the equipements used and type of modulation and how many W and what band(UHF)/frequency you used?

Clyde Hoadley said...

Thanks for your question. I've updated my original post to include that information.